I am always  grateful to get positive reviews.  My philosophy is simple, your success is my success.    I love doing Readings and Healing Sessions, I enjoy helping people become the very best version of themselves. 

Brit is amazing

 I am a retired clinician, and professional who has worked in numerous formats with adults, teenagers and children of all ages. Trauma and dissociative disorders were my specialty. Ms. Johnson Energy work and readings are a wonder to behold. I exclusively refer my clients to Brit.  I have also personally, been to many other practitioners from around the world, and Brit is definitely in a league of her own.   Her methodology might  be sophisticated, but her comment sense approach to Readings and Healing is remarkable.  Her work  is as inexplicable as it is effective.  Simply stated her techniques are a wonder to behold.        
 Michael Timlin, Phd., M.F.T L.C.P.C

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Ariel Kellogg

"This was such a special moment. I got an our session with Tarot and I was blown away from start to finish. I'm so grateful I went to meet her. Most importantly I got so much clarity and understanding out of the experience. I would highly recommend Brit."

Maria and Noah Maziekja

"My wife and I had a couples reading which blew our minds. Brit was intuitive about our relationship, the good and the bad. We both nodded our heads the entire reading and we spent the weekend talking about the readings. We will return to see her on our next trip to Saint Augustine . 

Dave McKenzie

"Have had readings or divinations all over the world and Brit was one of the best in Tarot and Numerology. Articulate, accommodating and most of all FUNNY. I would give her 6 stars if I could.  Well done"

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