*Tarot Reading -  $111                                            

*Deluxe Tarot/ Numerology  - $140                      

*Master Level Reading - $220  

Energy Sessions  $83.00 each or 3 for $222

Reiki, Quantum Frequency Healing, or IET Integrated Energy Healing                            

*Packages  also available for connection after the Reading.   Monthly guidance 

*$1111-  $3333 

Brittany  offers many different types of sessions.  Pick which resonates with you and how much time you feel would be appropriate. 

Tarot Readings directive, clear and empowering. What is your higher self trying to say to you.  What is your intuition saying.  Tarot Readings are self empowering, and affirming.  They do not hand your power over to the reader.  Accurate and insightful 

IET - Integrated Energy Healing - This is does with Angelic guidance from the angelic realm.  It is also wonderful if you are seeking an angelic guide or support.  This is a powerful Energy session that gets the "issues out of the tissues"  It works on the body and emotional, mental, and spiritual layers.  This is wonderful for strengthening the aura and repairing it also.  Brit can also attune and teach this to others. 

Quantum Frequency Healing - This is known as QFH.  This is Brits specialty and she created this over decades of sessions.   This is done remote or in person.  It works fantastic on ZOOM .   It is a complete reset of all layers, and dimensions.  A persons consciousness resides in many dimensions.  Brit can see and sense the energy in various realms. This will help you clear literally everything, and reset your entire frequency.   You will be in a much higher frequency.   More positive and brighter. 

REIKI - Brit is a Master Reiki healer and has been doing Reiki for decades. 

60 minute sessions. 

Crystal Skull. Sessions - Pick the crystal skull for the type of healing you are seeking. Each crystal skull offers a different type of healing.  Brit works with many different skulls.   The Golden Healer is featured on the home page.  These are all high vibrational crystals.  They give you access to space you might not achieve on your own.  Imagine a top dresser drawer of information.  It will increase you intuition and clarity.  Great for personal resetting of your vibration.   The higher gates. 

Ancient Numerology - Brit know an ancient method and can do Individual charts or Couples Compatibility.  Highly recommended for personal gifts and authenticity.  This reading stays with you, literally and Brit can put your reading in a bottle. You can keep it forever.  

Brittany  also knows The HUMAN DESIGN and incorporates the information  into some of her Readings.

Brittany  also does couples readings, parties and workshops. 

Energy Work is life changing   

Readings give you insight into who you are.  I love to help people heal and find their true self and hidden talents.   Often  we do not understand the nature of our soul and what path we are on.  What are we should focus, and what path is meant for our soul.  

Ultimately,  life will keep showing you, who you are meant to be.  If you are open to see it. Brit can provide clear insight and help you understand who you are, and what you are meant to do.  

  Also she providesEnergy work that can clear all traumas and create a new vibration for your consciousness  to reside.  This simply means you will be left it a better place, or a higher vibration. 

The ancient crystal skulls are from the city of Atlantis   St. Augustine has a connection to Atlantis and the Crystal Skulls.   The crystal skulls are master tools for ascension and healing.  The skulls give a person access to higher realms or higher gates (intuition) than they could reach on their own. 

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