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  Life Readings

904-466-5011   Call me or TEXT - 904-466-5011 to book your session  -   DO NOT show up  as I only take actual appointments.   Please do not come to my location with out an appointment or speaking with me.  

I can often accommodate  same day appointments,  but appreciate as much notice as possible.  I do these local in St. Augustine or on ZOOM worldwide.                                                  

                                         Intuitive life Readings bring  you  into a  Higher Life Pattern, allowing you never ending happiness and much joy.   Massive freedom and release from old patterns.  I also do Group Walking Guided  Tours or private tours.

Hire me at your next party. Weddings, showers, ladies night out, any gathering and your guests will be delighted.  Palm Reading Parties or Tarot Parties 

 Guardian Angel Tour of Saint Augustine, and The Tarot & Ghost Stroll.  Or Book a Ghost Tour with Brit.  Both are listed on Trip Advisor.

Each reading is empowering, and will help you see your life path, and the calling of your soul.  You will find a new sense of calm, clarity  an inner knowing. 


904 466 5011 text me or call: Brit Johnson       |     Daily 10am- 7pm

Event Readings - Group Readings  -Girls Night out Events - Wedding or Party Entertainment   -Bachelorette Parties - Palm Reading Parties 

Energy Work  Chakra Balance   Numerology Readings

Experience the Human Design Reading , the ultimate way to know your purpose in this world and how to tap into it.  

Tarot Readings -30 min our 60 min 

Ghost Tour Saint Augustine - Book a private tour with Brit 

Party or Event Readings  -   Private City Tours, &  Group Tours

Runes with Numerology   Tarot with Numerology  Gematria and Numerology 

Readings in St. Augustine  Readings in Saint Augustine   IET Energy Sessions

Reiki Session in Saint Augustine       Message in a Bottle in St. Augustine 

 Saint Augustine Florida 

Photo credit : Sunset and Crystal Orbs  Gerry Macneil


Soul Integration - What is your Soul's Purpose?

A session  will clarify this for you.

Path Integration - What is your Life Path and discover how close you are to living it? Your Life Work.  Your life work is always empowering. All my readings give an enormous feeling of empowerment. 

Relationship Guidance Sessions

Career Guidance Sessions 

The Human Design Reading ** Highly  recommended. 

Spiritual Readings -Tarot Readings 

Ancient Numerology 

Angelic Reading Sessions 

Dynamic Numerology Soul/Path Integration Sessions

Soul Authenticity Sessions 

Couples Readings 

Tarot Readings 

Palm Reading Parties 

Path of Empowerment Sessions

Relationship Guidance Sessions 

Angelic Guidance Sessions

IET -Integrated Energy Sessions

QHHT - Regression Sessions


6o minutes 

Brit offers various  Energy healing sessions. 

  • Energy Sessions- IET
  • Integrated Energy Sessions
  • Reiki Energy Healing
  • -Quantum Frequency Energy  Healing 


                                                 Text or Call  for an appointment 


 One hour $111 Basic Reading 

Deluxe Reading $140 Numerology and Tarot

Human Design and Numerology $188

Crystal Atlantean Skull Sessions 

The Atlantean Crystal skulls are ascension tools.  They are activated and aligned with the 12 ancient skulls,  these are high vibrational instruments are the highest vibration of light. They raise  your  vibration, clears positive intentions, and dissolved and releases blockages.  Powerful and timely to the earths ascension. 

This  crystal skulls  will open your energy field so that healing will take place in your being.   My skulls are fully activated to the Ancients. 

Your consciousness will give you higher guidance from source.  

Zoom - Skype - or phone - In person 

Distant or Remote Sessions



Brit  Johnson  

Higher Consciousness Intuitive/ Psychic Readings

Visionary Coach/Guide/People Manager.   Focus is on the actual, and future goals. Creates & ensures alignment and empowerment. 

Brit recognizes potentials and talents.  She encourages and guides towards soul alignment and path empowerment.   Guides to creative  expression and unique fulfillment. 

Intuitive Readings, Energy Sessions, and Crystal Skull Sessions.  Master level work, Brit is a true expert with  massive credentials, reviews and has three generations of family experience.  She has appeared on national radio/TV shows and published a book.  Brit has taught thousands of classes and done thousands of Readings and Energy Sessions.  She is also a Master level Kundalini Yoga teacher. 


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